Achilles Semi Slick Tyres & Achilles Rims

Achilles Semi Slick Tyres

Achilles Semi Slick Tyres

When it comes to Achilles Semi Slick Tyres Prestige Tyres & Auto have got to be the people you turn too. We’re always ahead of the game when it comes to new tyres and that was no different when the Achilles semi slick tyres hit the market. We’ve been stocking them since day one and so there is nobody better to come to when you are after getting yourself a nice new set of Achilles semi slick tyres.

Achilles Semi Slick Tyres From Prestige Tyre & Auto

For those people who are interested in taking some Achilles semi slick tyres from us, you don’t need telling that the Achilles semi slick tyres are for those people who are serious about the tyres that go on their rides. Achilles semi slick tyres are not for daily use unless you just to show off a little bit, but you will light it up on the track if you are thinking about taking the plunge and putting some Achilles semi slick tyres on your ride.

Achilles Semi Slick Tyres Are For Those People Who Are Serious About Their Rides

The Achilles semi slick tyres are performance tyres and that’s something we’re comfortable with at Prestige Tyre & Auto. We’re here to provide tyres and wheels to the petrol heads just as much as we are to service those who just want to take away some high quality safe wheels or tyres for road use. The Achilles semi slick tyres and all of Achilles Tyres offer premium performance and are for those guys who like to do their driving on some speedier surface than our regular highways.

Achilles Semi Slick Tyres

The Achilles semi slick tyres are a specialist item and for that reason they often come with a special price to match. That isn’t the case when you deal with Prestige Tyres & Auto. Our Achilles semi slick tyres are available at the very best prices around. We work hard to make sure you get the best wheels and tyres around at the best possible prices. We might make a few dollars less on the deal than we could but as long you walk away from us with a your Achilles semi slick tyres on your ride and a smile on your face, we’ll also be happy too.

Whether you are after Achilles semi slick tyres or any other kind of wheel or tyre, Prestige Tyre & Auto should be your first stop. We’ve got a massive range of stock in store and you can also browse our entire inventory through our on-line E-commerce website. We’re the best when it comes to Achilles semi slick tyres and we’re the best when it comes to everything else too. Don’t take our word for it though. Go with us the next time you are looking to get Achilles semi slick tyres and we guarantee not to let you down. Prestige Tyre & Auto never let you down, and that’s a promise!

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SSW Wheels and SSW Rims For Durability

ssw rims

SSW Wheels & Rims From Prestige Tyre Aand Auto

Tyres and wheels are like anything in life you need a bit of variety so that can everybody can get on. At Prestige Tyre & Auto we’re all about bringing you, our loyal customer base, the very latest wheels and tyres from the world’s leading manufacturers but we’re also very conscious of how important price is. SSW wheels are then the perfect solution for the driver who wants to look great but doesn’t want to spend the earth while doing it. At Prestige Tyre & Auto we’ve got a massive range of SSW wheels as well as all of the latest looks from the world’s top wheel and tyre producers.

ssw wheels & rims

Look great, save money with SSW Wheels And Rims

SSW Wheels are a brilliant choice for those hot rodders who are serious about their ride but who don’t have a shed load of money to spend on them at the moment. SSW wheels (Stamford Sport Wheels) come out of Asia and so you can rest assured that when you go with SSW wheels that you are getting a well made product at a really fair price.

Stamford Sport Wheels (SSW wheels) is a subsidiary of Stamford Tyres Corporation Limited (STCL), a global distributor and retailer of tyres, alloy wheels and car accessories established since 1930. STCL is listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST). Our factory has a built-up area of 19,600 sq m and is situated 60 km from the north of Bangkok in the province of Nonthaburi. With more than 350 staff and two state-of-the-art factory sites, SSW wheels factory now has a capacity of about 60,000 wheels a month, so you know this is a serious outfit.

High Quality SSW Wheels in Australia

ssw rimsSSW wheels, Manufacturer of High Quality Aluminium Alloy Wheels in Thailand with products range from sizes 13” to 24”, available for passenger car, SUV, MPV and light truck. Wide variety designs and finishing are from team of experienced designers and USA Designing house. Factory is currently exporting the wheels internationally in Europe, USA, Australia and most of Asia Countries.

As with all of our products one that is not influenced by model or price is quality and safety. At Prestige Tyre and Auto we only ever offer the highest standard of products to our customers. SSW wheels might be a cheaper than some of their competitors but in no way is that saving made up by scrimping on safety. SSW wheels are one of the most trusted in the market for reliability and security.

At Prestige Tyre & Auto we’re proud to be able to offer you SSW Wheels at the very best prices around. Give us a call today and let’s have a chat about the SSW wheels that will look just perfect on your ride. SSW wheels and Prestige Tyre & Auto, a swimming combination!

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Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels

Alloy Wheels and Rims

Even if you aren’t a big petrol head you will no doubt have heard of alloy wheels. How much you know about alloy rims and wheels may be another story entirely though. Alloy wheels are the cool thing to have on your ride. If you’ve not got them either you don’t care about looking cool, or you don’t understand what it is that you are missing out on by not having alloy rims & wheels!

The truth is that alloy wheels work pretty much the same as traditional wheels but they do have a few added benefits other than simply looking a way load cooler. One of the biggest differences is that alloy wheels are often stronger and more durable than traditional wheels while also being lighter and having higher performance than standard wheels.

Alloy Wheels and Alloy Rims From Prestige Tyre & Auto

Alloy wheelsNow among alloy wheels there are also some further options available. Not all alloy wheels are the same. There forged alloy wheels and cast alloy rims and wheels. Forged alloy rims are for the real players. These are the types of alloy rims & wheels that are used on high performance sports cars. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be fitted on other cars but they will hit you hard in the pocket if you go for them. The other type of alloy wheels are called cast aluminium alloy wheels. The beauty of cast aluminium alloy rims and wheels is that while they are slightly heavier than forged alloy wheels they are also cheaper and look almost identical to the untrained eye.

Alloy Wheels and Alloy Rims – Prestige Tyre & Auto is The Only Sensible Choice for All

Price then is a big factor when deciding which alloy wheels you want to go with. At the end of the day it is mostly all about style when we talk about alloy wheels so the only thing that is holding you back is how much you can afford to pay!

Alloy RimsStyle counts but then you do make a bit of your money back when you go with alloy wheels as putting them on means your ride has less unsprung mass. This gives you better handling, improved road grip, and makes life easier on the mileage count. Alloy wheels are also cool in terms of balancing as they reduce stress on other parts of your car, such as the suspension and the axles.

Point for point then there are a lot of reasons other than simply style as to why you should think about investing in new some new alloy wheels. If you think that you need to go over the pros and cons in a bit more detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Prestige Tyre & Auto. We’re sure that alloy wheels are going to make your ride look prettier but we’ll also be able to reassure as to whether or not the alloy wheels that you fancy are really the ones that are going to be the best for your vehicle.

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Cheap Tyres in Sydney With Full Guarantees

Not everything in the world has to cost the earth and with cheap tyres from Prestige Tyre & Auto we give you the customer the thing you really want; a top quality product at an amazing price. Cheap tyres are not tyres that are no longer any use. They are simply cheap tyres because there are newer brands and models out there right now. Everything gets old and cheap tyres prove that point. Our cheap tyres are from all of the biggest manufacturers and come with full guarantees.

Prestige Tyre & Auto For Cheap Tyres Sydney

cheap tyresWhen you buy cheap tyres one of the most important things to remember is that you should still be discerning about what you are getting when you do so. Cheap tyres are cheap so make sure that you don’t cut any unnecessary conners on top of this by then not buying a full matching set for example. Of course this might not always be an option with cheap tyres but it is something that you should do whenever possible. Test have shown that cars always perform best when the tyres all match up, so you may in fact lose out in money in the long run if you don’t spend a little bit more now.

Another good idea when buying cheap tyres is to buy your spare wheel at the same time. Ask our man which tyre is the most used of the ones you are going to buy and use this one as the spare. Make the most of buying cheap tyres and get yourself fully kitted out if you can.

Cheap Tyre But Still Full of Quality

Our cheap tyres can be bought in store but we also have a great selection available for you to browse on-line too. Just choose the cheap tyres that you want and pay for them right there and then through our on-line store, or take note of those you think are best and come on down to see them in person before you buy. Cheap tyres are tyres plain and simple and we’ll give you the same service on cheap tyres as we do on a brand new set.

For a lot of people tyres are the most important part of the car and this is never more true when buying cheap tyres. We might be selling cheap tyres but we never compromise on safety. When you shop with Prestige Tyre & Auto you can rest assured that you are getting a safe, high quality product no matter what the price you are paying for it.

If you want to have a chat about cheap tyres today why don’t you pick up the phone and give us a call, or ride on down to the shop and we’ll talk it over in person. We’re the best in the region for cheap tyres so there is zero reason for you to be going anywhere else when it comes to cheap tyres, or any other tyres for that matter!

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Mag Wheels

mag wheels

Why you should go with Mag Wheels!

mag wheelsMag wheels might be a bit more expensive than their steel-plated counterparts but there are definite benefits to be had from going with mag wheels. Not only are mag wheels a wholly reliable and safe option when you are deciding which wheels are the best for you, they also look better too! One thing to bear in mind when buying mag rims & wheels is that they are often made to fit specific cars and models so you must double check that the mag wheels you are interested in are really the right ones for you ride. At Prestige Tyre & Auto we’re specialists in this so you have no worries on that score when you buy mag rims & wheels from us.

In short mag wheels are a solid step up from steel-plated wheels and they show that you are serious about your ride. Steel wheels are great for durability but they just can’t match the looks of some quality mag wheels. While the name mag wheels comes from the original metal used to make these kinds of wheel, you don’t want your mag rims & wheels to made from pure magnesium as it has a tendency to crack and these kinds of true mag wheels are only found on old classics these days.

Mag Wheels Are the Right Choice, And Here’s Why

While most people go for mag wheels over steel when wanting to make their car look awesome there are other benefits to mag wheels than simply how they look. Mag wheels add value to your ride and in some cases fitting them can even give you more brake clearance. Some experts also say that mag rims and wheels can improve handling, gas mileage and overall performance of your car.

The way we see it at Prestige Tyre & Auto there are a load of reasons why you should go for mag wheels, but when you do you must also then be ready to take care of them properly. Mag wheels needs cleaning with special cleaning products and there are mag wheels brushes available from us to make sure that your ride is always blinging when you hit the road. However you decide to take care of mag rims, just remember the cardinal rule: never use abrasive cleaning products when taking care of your mag rims and wheels. If you don’t want to splash out on fancy cleaners for your mag wheels a good old fashioned wash with warm, soapy water will also do the trick!

As with all of our products, if you need help or advice on exactly which mag wheels are right for you don’t hesitate to get in touch with Prestige Tyre & Auto. We know all there is to know about mag wheel and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge with you to make sure we get you fitted out with the very best mag wheels for you.

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BBS Wheels And BBS Rims At Competitive Price

BBS Wheels

BBS Wheels

bbs wheelsWhen you want high performance you’ve got to be thinking about BBS wheels. BBS wheels and BBS Rims are for those people who take their driving seriously. BBS wheels are the wheels used by the top professionals and the biggest brands right across the globe and they can also be a part of your ride if you decide to get serious about your wheels. There isn’t too much more that needs to be said about BBS wheels other than to say that Prestige Tyre & Auto should be your first stop when you decide to splash out on them.

Prestige Tyres & Auto for BBS Wheels and Rims

At Prestige Tyres & Auto we’ve been stocking BBS wheels right from the very beginning. We had BBS wheels in because we’re serious about our industry and we know that the only way to win your respect is by selling the most serious equipment out there. BBS wheels tick all of the boxes when it come to top-end merchandise and we’re confident that we bring BBS wheels and BBS Rims to you at prices that our competitors can only dream of.

Historical Background of BBS Wheels and Rims

For those that don’t know and need a bit of schooling. Here is the low down on BBS wheels and the company that produces them. BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG began in 1970 in Schiltach Germany by Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand as a manufacturing plant for plastic auto body parts. The initials BBS are based on the last names of the two founders and the city in which the company was founded (Baumgartner, Brand, Schiltach). The history is easy as one, two three but in the present day it is enough to know that BBS wheels and BBS Rims are the kit that all of the big buys turn to when they want their rides to be finished off in the best possible way.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, here’s a little bit more on which companies think BBS wheels and BBS Rims are the bomb. BBS wheels has and continues to supply OEM wheel applications to a number of automobile brands. In street vehicles, their products can be seen on brands such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Mitsubishi, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Infiniti, Renault, Saab, Subaru, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Volvo. Lexus began using BBS wheels on its IS-F when launched in 2008, updating the design for the 2010 model year and again for 2012.

BBS Wheels From Prestige Tyres and Auto For The Perfect Ride

If that roll-call of the biggest brands in the business isn’t enough to make you sit up and understand exactly what BBS wheels and BBS Rims mean in the industry then come on down to our shop and let our skilled sales people give you some more information on exactly how BBS wheels could be perfect for your ride. We’re always here to help and even if they aren’t BBS wheels, we’ve definitely got the right wheels products for you among our literally thousands of options.

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King Wheels and Rims For The Best Ride

king wheels

Your paint work is gleaming, your your tyres are pristine but how are those old wheels looking right now? If you want to look complete the only solution is for you to get kitted out with the hottest new look from King wheels. King rims and wheels are the only choice when it comes to getting your ride right and Prestige Tyre & Auto are the ones you should come to for all of your king rims needs.

King Wheels and King Rims from Prestige: Sydney’s Number 1

Car lovers know that a great ride is nothing without a quality set of king wheels are the ultimate choice when you want to make a real mark when you hit the street. King alloy wheels are manufacturers of the highest quality alloys around and when you choose king rims and wheels you know that you are going for a high quality product that is going to last you for your years to come.

king wheelsKing wheels are not only about style and looking cool on the road. King wheels are borne out of the latest cutting edge technology coupled with the sharpest minds when it comes to wheel design. These wheels are also about security and safety on the road. King wheels are the ultimate driving accompaniment; a look that makes you stand out on the road and feel secure when you are behind the wheel.

Prestige Tyre and Auto is your number one choice for King wheels just as we are for all of the other top brands’ makes and models. We bring you King wheels and all the other top brands because they are the best in the business and our years in the industry has told us that is what you want. King alloy wheels may not be the cheapest option when you come to look for an upgrade but we’re confident that we offer King wheels to our loyal customer base at the very best prices around.

Ride Right with King Wheels & King Rims

We think King wheels are pretty hot but at Prestige Tyre & Auto we stock a whole lot more great stuff than just King wheels. Along side you can find all of the latest tyres and wheels from the world’s top brands, and we’re also not too shabby when it comes to getting our hands dirty too as all of our mechanics are fully trained and have decades of experience in the industry.

If you want to get your hands on some King wheels today then look no further than Prestige Tyre & Auto. We’ve got a wide range of King wheels and other kind of wheel that you might like to get on your ride right here in our shop today. We keep a healthy range of King wheels and all other wheels brands in stock so that you don’t have to waste time waiting for weeks to get what you need when you want it.

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Advanti Wheels

advanti wheels

Advanti wheels are for the racers and for those of you out there who really care about the way your ride looks when you hit the streets. The speed limits might hold you back when it comes to the racing but nobody can cramp your style when you’ve got a set of Advanti wheels on your hot rod!

At Prestige Tyres we’re proud of being one of the first outfits in Australia to ever stock Advanti wheels and today we’re still the people those in the know turn to when they want to get their hands on the latest looks from Advanti wheels. With Advanti wheels you know you aren’t just getting wheels that are chosen by the very best racers in the world, you understand that they are chosen by so many of them because of the amount of hard work allied with cutting edge technology that goes into their design and that you are getting a product of the very highest quality.

advanti wheels

With Advanti wheels and Prestige Tyres you are getting a coming together of two great companies. Advanti wheels are a world leader in their field but at Prestige Tyres we don’t think that we’re all too shabby ourselves. Over the years Prestige Tyres has established it itself as leader not only in Sydney but also across the whole of Australia. Our loyal client base knows that if they want to find Advanti wheels or any other top brand at the best price around then we are the people they should turn to. We always carry the latest models from Advanti wheels and all of the biggest manufacturers but we also never forget that it is our obligation to our customers to bring these products to you at the most competitive prices around.

You know you want Advanti wheels but our crack team at Prestige Tyres will make sure that the Advanti wheels you choose are the ones that are absolutely perfect for your car. At Prestige Tyres we don’t just take your Advanti wheels out of the storeroom hand them over to you and take your money. We can work that way if that’s the way you want the deal to go down but at Prestige Tyres we believe in customer service whether you are coming in for a brand new set of Advanti wheels or just want a quick chat about all of the different kinds of service and products that we can offer you.

So whether you are looking for Advanti wheels and Advanti Rims or any other top brand name in wheels or tyres Prestige Tyres have just got to be the first place you look to for all of your driving needs. Whether you want to drop on by the shop or look us up online we’re ready and waiting to do business with you today. We guarantee that we won’t let you down.

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To Buy Cheap Tyres Online, Or Not?

Cheap Tyres Online

We all love our cars and we are prepared to invest a lot of money in the initial purchase and then in keeping it looking cool for the road. We also understand the importance of high quality wheels and tyres on our rides, but should we consider cheap tyres Sydney when we come to adding the finishing but highly important elements to our rides?

Cheap Tyres OnlineYou can always buy cheap tyres online but are you risking your own safety when doing so? We might want to save a few bucks when it comes to cheap wheels Sydney but we don’t want to keep money in our pocket if it means ending up in a hospital bed later on.

There are a load of places for you where to buy cheap tyres but you should always start off by heading into your local work shops and garages first just to see whether there might be some local bargains knocking around. These are the kind of sales that won’t be heavily advertised but they can often be the best when it comes to buying cheap wheels Sydney.

A big thing to bear in mind when you do buy cheap tyres Sydney is that you cannot scrimp on quality when it comes to wheels or tyres. There may be some pretty decent low-cost alternatives out there but do your research first as there have been a number of tests carried out on low-cost versus big brand tyres and the results are more than a little worrying when it comes to safety. With dry weather you might not need to worry too much, but the performance of low-cost tyres in the rain can be pretty terrifying.

Where to buy cheap tyres is usually the easy part. With so many people jumping over each other online these days to take your money off you, you can usually have a good look at the market and assess all of the different offers out there before you decide to take the plunge. When you do, just remember that an extra $50 dollars in your pocket might feel good in the moment but it won’t feel like good value if those wheel see you sliding out of control down a wet road a little later on. Save money and get the best possible deal that you can, but never forget that safety must always come first.

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Wheel and Tyre Packages, With A Bang!

Wheel and Tyre Packages

It is already widely known that Prestige Tyre & Auto has to be your first stop when you are looking for promotional wheel and tyre packages. Not only do we stock the biggest brands and all the latest styles but we do so while always looking to give you the best discounted wheel and tyre packages around. Some people might think that providing such a stellar service to our loyal customer base would be enough but we don’t agree. At Prestige Tyre & Auto we’re always looking at a way in which we can give more back to you and for that reason we’re offering a complimentary pair of JBL S500 headphones to any customer who purchases wheel and tyre packages with a value of $1899 or above.

Wheel and Tyre Packages

Wheel and Tyre Packages in Australia

Most people might have thought that it wasn’t possible for us to better our giveaway wheel and tyre packages but this offer shows you just how wrong they were. We understand that your ride is all about the wheels and tyres but we also know that you need to look good when you are out on the town too. These JBL S500s have certainly got you covered when it comes to that score and will leave you looking cool wherever you go when not in the luxury of your ride. Promotional wheel and tyre packages are our bread and butter and this will always be the case but we know that it is not always only about the ride and so we want to give something back to you for your loyalty.

Discounted Wheel and Tyre Packages From Prestige Tyres & Auto

Prestige Tyre & Auto is your number one destination when it comes to discounted wheel and tyre packages. We’re here to make sure that your ride looks as good as it possibly can when you’re on the road. With all of the biggest names in the business in stock and a wide selection of classic and cutting edge styles to choose from, we’re the best when it comes to giveaway wheel and tyre packages. And now we’re over the moon to reward you with your loyalty by offering extra cool gifts like the JBL S500s as a little extra factor when you choose us for your promotional wheel and tyre packages. It really is music to your ears on us!

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