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Quick Overview

  • Brand:Achilles
  • Pattern:AAA9
  • Load Rating:158/155
  • Speed Rating:J

Product Description

Achilles ATR Sport 2

Features & Benefits

Directional tread design
Provides good traction for wet and dry road conditions
ATR Gen.2 (Advanced Technology Radial 2nd Generation)
Superb radial construction
dB Silent Technology
Reduces noise which results in a quiter ride
Four wide circumferencial grooves
Superb water channeling, improve wet traction as well as to reduce hydroplanning
Solid center rib
Delivers straight line stability to improve handling
Interlocking tread block
Enhances directional stability and cornering performance α° Technology
Enhances cornering performance, assists in water channeling, self cleaning

Additional Information

Brand Achilles

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